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The Templar is Warlord's best gaming chair model. Built with the ultimate attention to detail, the Templar exhibits the best of comfort, strength, ergonomics and quality. The seating posture correction allows users to sit for a long period of time without losing focus and feeling discomfort.


In term of material, Warlord did not hold back from using the best in building the Project Templar. It utilizes premium grade PU leather with cold cure molded inner foam for the best touch, softness, durability and heat dissipation. The PU leather is coated with a smooth and classy looking matt finish, maximizing the resistance to chemicals, waterproof capability and ease of cleaning.


Apart from that, Project Templar is engineered with heavy duty steel body structure, class 4 gas lift piston and aluminium alloy base frame. These allows the chair to be used extensively and extremely without easily breaking a sweat. It is able to hold a maximum weight capacity of 180kg, and remain sturdy and firm for a very long time if taken proper care. Similar to other models, Warlord Project Templar also uses low friction and high durability 65mm sports concept wheels.


Warlord gaming chairs are well known for their heat dissipation capability, so does Project Templar. Apart from highly breathable PU leather and foam, the gaps between metal structures are also engineered with high elasticity rubber straps to provide softness, strength and at the same time allowing the chair to be highly breathable. Typical office chairs and low end gaming chairs use wood scrap to secure the gaps, this is why they heat up very quickly after short period of sitting, resulting in discomfort.


All Warlord gaming chairs exhibit full adjustable features, such as 170-180 backrest inclination, seat height adjustment, 4-directional armrests, lockable tilt mechanism with adjustable tilt tension and adjustable/detachable head and lumbar cushions.


Among all high end ergonomics gaming chairs, Warlord Project Templar is among the most affordable ones, making it very well received gaming chair by the gaming communities.